April 29, 2011

Make Beautiful Hairstyles

How well do you know uses styling products? If not quite understand the benefits for your hair, following a review of some hairdressing products most commonly used and how to use it from the experts.

Important message before buying these products is, choose environmentally friendly products so that your hair is not only beautifully arranged, but the environment too, awoke.

Mousse makeup can maintain a good hair but still felt light and can be used on the hair easily, so you can do it yourself
How to use: pour the mousse in the palm of the hand enough, and then use the hair using your fingers to touch the scalp. Apply mousse at the end of the 1.5 cm long hair first because of its function will be maximal in that section. Then use the mousse on the hair thoroughly.

Is Heavier than mousse and give texture and volume to hair. Hair pad can be adjusted depending on your taste.
How to use: wipe the hair enough to get wet effect. In general, the gel will be left in place where lubricated first time, so make sure you wipe it evenly on hair.

Slightly stronger than the other hairdressing products, hair oil makes hair look better controlled without stiff or greasy. Choose a hair oil that can protect your hair from the sun, has a stronger effect and fragrant with you.
How to use: start with a little oil for dry hair (even less for thin hair). Apply at first slowly rubbing the oil, then trim with a hand gesture to emphasize faster hair. To model the random hair, use a bit of hair after drying.

Spray a little hairspray on the model of short or curly hair and more to maintain the hair makeup. Choose eco-friendly hairspray, and has a fragrance that you like also a stronger resistance to maintain the shape of hair.
How to use: Spray hair spray from a distance that is not too close to the head.

This product is lighter and not greasy but still able to maintain hair. Use anti-frizz made from natural, not made from petroleum, and does not look greasy in your hair.
How to use: Just pour a little rubbing on the palm and apply on hair.

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