July 24, 2011

tips to cope with a sex addiction

heaven_and_hell   Wise men often say, any case if too much is worse as a result. What about acts and sexual activity? If the person is very addictive sex too bad a result. Maybe some say Yes there are unisex which refute it. No need to debate, but refer to the following information on the issue of sex addiction.

What is sex addiction?
  The experts concluded that sexual addiction is a sexual activity that later became uncontrollable. Addicted to sex forced  ' sufferers ' for always looking for opportunities and can relate to each moment of sexual, which can affect one's self, social relations and the scope of the work.
For Male sex addict, this can be brought ' Doom ' for himself, especially when not accompanied by the adult mind. The problem of sex addicts generally feel there is nothing wrong with him. Most of the sex addict will deny if anyone says her troubled. The reason that ' clever' is often spoken of a sex addict, if they asked him the reason why sex is everything.
  Sex addiction can form messes, but generally include behavior outside of the control. Such behavior, for example:

July 22, 2011

intelligent solutions overcome insomnia


  If you find it hard to sleep at night, it's worth checking your food, lest You have been wrong to consume food. The causes of insomnia can be diverse; anxiety, stress, mood the bedroom that don't support, or could anyway because the food is wrong.

  To be able to sleep soundly, your body requires trytophan or often called a mr.sleep. Trytophan, which is a type of fatty acid, yielding serotonin which can serve to loosen the nerve center of the brain. When the brain has been relaxed, you will more easily fall asleep with good quality.
  There are many foods Trytophan carbohidrat lightly. Baking muffins, biscuits, or fruit can be made into a solution. But don't be too satiety, Your digestion will be burdened as it should work harder digesting Your break, so it cannot be the maximum.
  Drink a cup of herbal tea or warm milk before bed will also be very helpful. Conversely, avoid drinks that contain caffeine, such as coffee, chocolate and fizzy drinks.
You must pay attention to meal times, give it time for a minimum of two hours before going to bed after eating food last supper. Distance to eat too close to bedtime increases metabolism and thus will be body temperature, so as to make sleeping more difficult. In this way, you can also maintain your weight, given the large will sleep after eating a lot of fat stores.
  If your really hungry, so choose a whole grain cereal such as mixed milk, tofu, wheat porridge or bread, sprinkled with sesame seeds. However, it is nonetheless give the distance of at least one hour before sleep since tryptophan also takes time to stimulate the brain.
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July 20, 2011

Cervical Cancer

kanker leher rahim
Cervical Cancer
  Cervical cancer is a disease in which the cells are abnormal cervix grow uncontrollably so urgent and damaging the surrounding tissues can result in death even.
Incidence and mortality high cervical cancer, but when it is detected and treated early, the disease can be cured.

How To Detect Early Cervical Cancer?
By doing a screening:

Pap Smear
Begin checked a minimum of three years after sexual intercourse
  • Recommended for patients with Pap Smear results are dubious (inconclusive)
  • It is recommended to screening in women aged > 30 years along with
examination of Pap smears

Pap Smear
Pap Smear is an examination to see the cells of the cervix where samples taken via the vagina then highly on glass objects, then dyed, then viewed under a microscope.

Liquid-Based Pap Smear
  A new method to improve the accuracy of the detection of abnormalities of the cervical cells. With this method, the samples taken are put into a special fluid so that the cells or factors separable from other bullies. Next sample on the glass object is then highly colored and then viewed under a microscope.
With this method, a layer of cells that are highly selective on glass objects do not overlap so the observation under a microscope becomes clearer and more accurate results, so small abnormalities in cervical cells more easily detected.

  The examination for detection of infection of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). HPV infection is a major cause of certain types of cervical cancer. This examination is required especially for patients with Pap Smear results there are abnormalities but are inconclusive whether these abnormalities can develop into cancer or be healed. So with HPV-DNA examination can be estimated if abnormalities are found will develop into cervical cancer or not.
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July 18, 2011

traditional herb busting painful menstruation

pacar air
  This flowering plant is very easy. Though many (good) but the pregnant woman should be abstained. The usage is not measurable in fact can also cause interference.
  A few years ago, when the nail is not yet as popular as now, the girls Village utilizes the plant to dye her nails. But unlike a nail just coat the exterior, the color of the resulting water could seep into a girlfriend in nails and more natural. Just, it generates colors just aren't modern nail sesemarak. In Bali, henna water always tucked among the offerings were used for worship.

  Whereas, in addition to nail polishes and terms of ritual, balsamina also has many benefits for treating disease. For example, as a pain reliever when menstruation or reduce pain in specific parts of the body, like the neck and waist. He is also believed to be very beneficial to relieve rheumatism and eroded the boil-boils.

The Busy Lizzie
  An easily cultivated herbaceous and flowering very diligently in this case comes from India. Either who brought and to what he brought to Indonesia, which is certainly of herbaceous wetlands (herbaceus) was much planted to adorn the front yard of the House. Its height ranges from 30-80 cm. leaves are single, elongated-shaped with serrated edge and pointy toed. The flowers are composed of 5 layers of petals and the colour is also diverse. There are white, purple, Orange, red, magenta or pink.
  Because it included plants flowering annual, he diligently for 1-2 months. It could be that it is in the Western Hemisphere it flowers known as busy lizzie (the busy lizzie). Fruit water in the form of fruit kendaga girlfriend, and when it becomes ripe fruit the size of a pinkie finger seruas with seeds in it this will be broken by itself. Children's village like fruit punch and feel the thrill of coloured this outbreak of fruit on the tip of their fingers.
The usual remedy is utilized for flowers, roots, leaves, and seeds. This herbaceous taste bitter and warm. Accordingly, herba, including familia balsaminaceae has benefits for waging a blood circulation and soften the bump-bump. The flowers contain anthocyanins, cyanidin, delphinidin, pelargonidin, malvidun, kaempherol, and quercetin. And at its roots found cyanidin, mono glycosine.

  Despite their many benefits, it also contains the poison boyfriend water. Therefore any usage must very carefully. In one of his books, Professor Hembing Wijayakusuma warns that pregnant women are prohibited from utilizing it. And in discharging that for too long (over a week), it would likely be dry mouth (xerostomia) taste, nausea (nausea), or even loss of appetite (anorexia). But, the symptoms would disappear after the dose is lowered or even stopped for 2-3 days.
  See eye to eye with Prof. Hembing who suggested the use of a heavy disease used to be referred to a physician, Dr. Amarullah h. Siregar, MSc, PhD, also reminded that every human being has a dose of treatment respectively. And for the same symptoms though, can't apply the same treatment. Hence, naturopathy and homeopathy it is said that the use of traditional medicinal plants will be maximized if followed by consultations and medical examinations or laboratory.
  Take Advantage Of The Benefits Of A Girlfriend Of Water
According to Professor Hembing Wijayakusuma Nutritious Plants in his book Indonesia Drug interest, water can be utilized with girlfriend recipe-the recipe follows:
  •  rheumatism, Dermatitis (dermatitis), and swelling. Henna fresh water that has crushed the affixed pain.
  •  Bone broken or cracked and anti-inflammatories (bitter taste). The boyfriend leaves crushed fresh water then tacked on the sick.
  •  Ulcers (furunculus) and Dermatitis (dermatitis). 15 grams of henna leaves of fresh water, 5 pieces of leaves of Kalanchoe fresh duck, crushed and then tacked on ulcers.
  •  inflammation of the nail. The entire water to taste crushed herbs girlfriend then tacked on the hoof and wrapped with muslin. Do 7-14 days on a routine basis.
Usage In
  •  launch a menstrual menstrual/Evergreen (emenagog):
bonggol-4-5 roots, water boiled with girlfriend 400 cc of water until the remaining 200 cc, then drink water after filtered. Do 3-4 times a day.
-6 grams of water and 15 gr girlfriend appointment black, boiled with 400 cc of water until the remaining 200 cc, then filtered and drunk the water is warm-warm.
-3-10 grams of water, 30 grams of henna leaves God of fresh, 10 gr temulawak, boiled with water to taste. After the water is filtered and then drink.
  • painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea): 10 gr leaves balsamina, 15 grass-Cyperus tuber gr, gr 15 appointment black, boiled with water to taste and then filtered and drunk the water.
  •  Whiteness (leucorrhea):-30 gr of fresh leaves of the henna plant, water is boiled with water until the remaining 600 cc to 300 cc, then idsaring and drink the water.
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July 16, 2011

dampak caesar pada bayi

foto-bayi lucu  Sejumlah riset telah mengungkap bahwa persalinan melalui bedah caesar dapat menimbulkan risiko lebih besar bagi bayi, terutama ancaman mengidap beragam penyakit mulai dari gangguan pernafasan hingga alergi.

Kini sebuah penelitian terbaru di Eropa yang dimuat jurnal PubMed mengindikasikan, bayi yang lahir melalui proses bedah caesar berisiko 20 persen lebih besar mengidap diabetes tipe 1 di bandingkan bayi yang lahir lewat persalinan normal.

  Penyakit diabetes tipe 1, yang dapat muncul sejak usia dini, saat ini tengah meningkat prevalensinya di Eropa dan para ahli belum bisa memastikan penyebabnya.

  “Akhir-akhir ini, diabetse tipe 1 pada anak-anak saat ini meningkat prevalensinya di Eropa, dan tingginya rata-rata ini mengidikasikan bahwa faktor-faktor lingkungan dapat menjadi penyebabnya,” ungkap Dr Chris Cardwell, dari Queen’s University Belfast.

  Fenomena itu lalu membuat Cardwell dan timnya kemudian melakukan kajian terhadap 20 penelitian yang telah dilakukan. Hasil kajian mengindikasikan bahwa kontak awal bayi terhadap bakteri di rumah sakit saat tindakan operasi caesar mungkin bisa menjadi penyebabnya. Padahal, bila bayi lahir secara normal maka tubuh mereka akan melakukan kontak di jalan lahir dengan bakteri menguntungkan yang berasal dari ibu untuk pertamakalinya.

  Tak heran, bila risiko bayi lahir normal mengidap diabetes menurut kajian studi Cardwell hanya sekitar 0,3 persen saja. Sedangkan pada bayi yang dicaesar, risikonya meningkat hingga 20 persen, meskipun angka ini belum dapat dijelaskan atau dikaitkan dengan faktor lain seperti berat bayi saat lahir, asupan ASI, usia ibu atau kondisi-kondisi lain seperti diabetes gestasional atau meningkatnya gula darah saat hamil pada ibu yang sebelumnya tak mengidapnya.

  “Penelitian ini menunjukkan adanya peningkatan yang konsisten risiko diabetes sebanyak 20 persen. Penting untuk diingat bahwa penyebab meningkatnya risiko ini belum diketahui, meski ada kemungkinan bahwa bedah caesar bukan satu-satunya yang bertanggung jawab. Mungkin karena bayi yang lahir melalui metode ini terpapar bakteri yang berasal dari lingkungan rumah sakit untuk pertama kalinya ketimbang kontak dengan bakteri dari ibu,” ungkapnya.

  Sementara itu Dr Iain Frame, dari Diabetes UK, berpendapat bahwa faktor genetik dan infeksi di masa kanak-kanak bisa berperan dalam timbulnya penyakit diabetes tipe 1. Namun riset lebih mendalam perlu dilakukan untuk mencari hubungannya dengan operasi caesare.

  “Temuan dari riset ini mengindikasikan bahwa cara bayi dilahirkan dapat mempengaruhi bagaimana mereka tumbuh dan berkembang di kemudian hari. Tak semua perempuan punya pilihan apakan mereka dapat melakukan caesar atau tidak. Tetapi bagi mereka yang berharap menjalaninya seharusnya memperhitungkan risiko ini,” paparnya.

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July 12, 2011

tips merawat kuku

tips merawat kuku Setiap manusia ingin memiliki kuku yang sehat, terutama bagi kaum hawa. Tidak hanya itu, perempuan acap kali menginginkan kukunya untuk tetap cantik dan menarik. Kuku merupakan bagian yang mungil dari tubuh kita. Kendati demikian kita harus tetap merawatnya dengan telaten agar tetap sehat. Karena kuku termasuk anggota tubuh yang sangat sensitif jika anda lengah dalam merawatnya. Untuk itu berikut ini tips perawatan kuku yang bisa Anda lakukan tidak hanya manicure di salon tapi juga di rumah sendiri.

  1. Belimbing wuluh
    Buah nan asam ini juga bermanfaat untuk kuku kita loh, dengan cara baluri kuku anda dengan belimbing lalu gosok hingga sedikit mengering.
  2. Air garam
    Rendam kuku anda dengan air garam, selama 15 menit lalu basuh dengan air hangat, dengan begitu kuku terhindar dari kuman dan bakteri.
  3. Minyak zaitun
    Pijat sela sela jari dan kuku anda, dengan minyak zaitun, maka kuku anda akan lebih lembab, akibat aktifitas seharian.
  4. Bawang
    Jika anda memiliki kuku rapuh, ada baiknya olesi kuku anda sesering mungkin dengan menggunakan Bawang setelah itu usap dengan handuk hangat. Niscaya kuku anda akan lebih kokoh dan cemerlang.
  5. Jeruk nipis
    Untuk menghilangkan kusam pada kuku, rendam kuku dengan air hangat yang dicampur dengan jeruk nipis, dan kuku anda akan lebih cemerlang
Mudah bukan? dan Anda tidak perlu repot ke salon untuk merawat dan mempercantik kuku.
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