March 18, 2012

Reason Not Consume Soft drink

Reason Not Consume Soft drink
  There are several reasons why the soft drink it can damage our health.From now on we don't aim too often consume soft drinks or soft drink where necessary does not need consume soft drinks at all. Is there some point articles that mention how dangerous drink Soft drink for health:
1. drain the water in the body the Soft drink. As with any diuretic that instead of giving water to our bodies, but instead spend it. High levels of sugar processing in large amounts of water, soft drinks need in our body. To replace this water, one should drink 8-12 glasses of water for every glass of the drink.
2. the Soft drink never
thirst because the Soft drink is not the water that is needed by the body. With still no supply water into our body continually would cause chronic cellular dehydration, a condition that weakens the body at the level of serious. In turn will lead to a weakening of the immune system and cause various diseases.
3. high levels of phosphate deposits in the soft drinks can destroy important minerals in the body. Soft drink made of pure water which also can destroy important minerals in the body. Mineral deficiencies can lead to serious heart disease (magnesium deficiency), osteoporosis (calcium deficiency) and many more. Most vitamins don't work inside the body without the presence of minerals.
4. the Soft drink can clean rust on a car bumper or other metal objects. Imagine what will happen to the functions of the digestive tract and other organs.
5. the amount of sugars that high in the pancreas produce insulin causes soft drinks in large numbers, which resulted in a "clash of sugar", the advantages and disadvantages of sugar in insulin can cause diabetes and diseases that are related to imbalances in the body. These circumstances can interfere with the growth of the child so that it can lead to a lifetime of health problems.
6. Soft drinks greatly affect digestion. Caffeine and high amount of sugar that can stop the process of digestion. This means that the metabolism in the body could be hampered. Soft drink when taken in conjunction with the fries will take time weeks for in indigestion.
7. the Soft drink containing aspartame, which connect with depression, insomnia, nervous diseases and many other diseases. In America, the FDA has received more dad 10400 consumer complaints against aspartame.
8. the Soft drink: very acidic, so it is able to penetrate the line of aluminum cans in the dial and can be saved if Digest cans for too long. Patients with Alzheimer's sufferers who have on autopsy all of which have very high levels of aluminum in the brain. Heavy metals in the body can cause neurological disorders and other diseases.
9. the Soft drink is very acidic, the human body naturally has a pH of 7.0. Soft drink has a pH of 2.5, it means you put something that hundreds of thousands of times more acid into your body. Diseases thrive in an acid environment. Will deposit the waste acid Soft drink in the body that accumulates in the joints and around the organs of the body. For example, the pH of the body with cancer or inflammation joints are always low. The more severe the disease, the lower the pH of the body.
10. do not ever thought of sipping a Soft drink as you hit by the flu, fever or Soft drink undermines the body fight diseases of the will.

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