March 17, 2012

prevents body odor

Prevents Body Odor 
 Body odor  often makes a person be not confident. The scent is less savoury pops up causing inconvenience to both the people concerned as well as the surrounding environment.
In medical terms, body odor is called in bromhidrosis (also known as bromidrosis, osmidrosis and ozochrotia) was the smell of bacteria in the body. These bacteria grow rapidly in numbers due to the presence of sweat, but sweat itself is in fact odorless. Body odor often associated with the hair, feet, anus, skin, underarms, genitals, and the mouth.

  Problem body odor can actually be getting used to life in barring with clean and healthy. Here's some natural ways that can be done to overcome the problem the :
  •  always wear clothes from cotton material that is not strictly for help so that sweat evaporates faster.
  •  shoes and socks also causes sweat so issued smell. Wear socks from cotton and wear open shoes whenever possible to make to keep feet dry.
  •  I can also wear a special powder for the feet so as to make the foot cool and free of infection.
  •  to eliminate the odor, soak the foot in warm water mixed with white vinegar or salt.
  •  the practice of yoga and meditation keeps body and mind controlled well. This will cause the hormonal      secretions become controlled. When you feel more relaxed,more the reduced stress because of  body odor.
  •  Drink young coconut water to cool the body. Eating lemons, grapefruit, and watermelons. Avoid foods, marinated onion, and white.
  •  Bath with anti-bacterial SOAP. Add a few drops of oil of lavender or sandalwood to make perfumed body longer than dab deodorant.
  • sweat glands are generally found under the hair follicles. This hair traps sweat, as a result of bacteria to proliferate, so it is embossed body odor. Hair in the underarm should be shaved to avoid body odor.
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